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Getting a feed bin is an investment that you will reap the benefits from for years to come. The money to be saved over the old feed sack method will be felt in the first month. Not to mention time and hassle saved. The convenience of the overhead feed bin is unparalleled. You used to go to the feed store and hand load 50lb feed sacks in the bed of your truck. With an overhead feed bin you can now have feed delivered directly to your ranch and with the pull of a lever your feeder is full and ready. 

Another plus of having bulk feed brought to your ranch is you get to choose exactly what feed is going out your cattle and develop your own unique mix based on there dietary needs. Why pay for the extra filler in the feed that you don't want? Feed what you want, when you want, in weighted rations that make sense.

Tired of getting knocked over and stepped on by eager cows at the feed trough? Sick of slopping around in the mud? Getting a little older and now feeding the cows is a chore that is starting to make you nervous? The feed bin will fill up your feeder in the back of your truck and in no time at all you can be feeding your cattle from the cab of your pickup!

Why Get a Feed Bin?

Feed Bins, Buggies, Fuel Tanks, Water Tanks and Custom Fabrication!


Raine Tank and Fabrication

Feed Bins



Cut your feed costs in half!


Great reason to go bulk is to customize your feed blend right from the mill. Get what you want, when want. Don't pay for the extra.

Bulk Storage Year Round
Store feed, seed, or granular fertilizer.

No more spilled feed bags or rodent infestations.



Farm Tax Exempt



Tired of lifting 50lb sacks, chasing empty feed bags blowing across your pastures and getting knocked down by hungry cows at the feed trough? Feed your herd from the cab of a pick-up!